CSSI is a one stop storage services and products provider based in Singapore. We specialize in storage devices services as well as refurbishment and repair of computer hard disk drives.

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With our expertise on storage devices, we offer a vast array of products and services.

We sell refurbished and remanufactured hard drives after going through our technologically advance repair process. We also offer Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Service and Hard Disk Drive No Trouble Found Screening (NTFS) Service among our other world class services.

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Sales of Branded, Recertified and Refurbished Storage Devices



CSSI RMA Service

CSSI is able to provide quality Return Merchandise Authorization Services by employing its expertise in developing network, database and IT systems tailor made to customer's request. We have provided RMA services for several hard disk drive manufacturing company and is currently handling RMA returns for Toshiba in the Asian and Oceana Region.

CSSI - Toshiba RMA Launches in Asia

Living up with its world-class standard of services, CSSI has proven once again its worth and class when it has been accredited to become Toshiba's Return Merchandise Authorization Collection Service Provider in the Asian and Oceania region. This will cater to qualified Toshiba Asian Subsidiaries' customers with defective Toshiba hard disk drives that are still under warranty for replacement or credit claims.

The CSSI Asia RMA site is strategically located in Singapore 28 Kallang Place #07-15/16.

The operation will be supporting validation requests from customers to issuing RMA, credit and/or replacement of Toshiba hard disk drive up to the actual shipment of defective drives to Toshiba factory and vice versa.

Each customer will be able to send their valid defective Toshiba drives to the CSSI RMA site for credit claims or replacement with tight systems integrations and coordination with its vendor. CSSI will as a result ship the replacement to the receiving customer or generate a credit report to Toshiba for a particular customer.

CSSI Hard Disk Screening Services

CSSI have developed propriety software that conforms to industry standards to screen hard disk drives for defects. Depending on customer requirements, the following modules are available for IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS drives:

Drive Ready Check Interface Test S.M.A.R.T Test Sequential Write Verify Sequential Read Verify Standby Test Start/Stop Test Random Seek/Read Test Random Write/Read/Compare Test

We have the capability to add further tests and all the data collection are automated and linked to a central database.

White Label Program

CSSI specializes in refurbishing and repair of computer storage mediums particularly on hard disk drives using propriety software and testers. CSSI is able to attain the highest yield in repair of hard disk drive without expensive laboratory work.

We purchase used and defective hard disk drives and utilize cutting-edge technology developed within CSSI to repair and refurbish and put them back to the market.

Warranty terms are given to our products to attest our quality.

Career With Us

Come join our team of brilliant and talented minds of CSSI. We may have job openings and you may have a chance to come on board our dynamic organization given that such requirement may be needed.

The CSSI family is composed of diverse nationalities of top people in the industry. The sense of comradeship from within the organization is highly felt as well as having a pleasant and professional relationship to our business partners and customers. Contact us through email or phone to arrange for interview if there are openings listed below.

Interested applicants, please call 6822-1239 to arrange for interview.

Production Operators


  • General work duties in production line


  • Minimum GCE O Level
  • Only Singaporean and PR need to apply

About Us


Founded in 1996, CSSI is a diversified Mass Storage Company, a one-stop shop for all storage devices. CSSI is equipped with the most technologically advanced testing, re-manufacturing and repair service that enable the highest yields and reliability. CSSI's management team has over a century of combined experiences in mass storage peripherals.


  • CSSI's quality management is exemplified with ISO 9000 certification.
  • CSSI has provided Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Service for two of the top hard disk drive manufacturers Western Digital and Fujitsu.
  • CSSI is providing RMA and No Trouble Found Screening (NTFS) services to Toshiba in the Asian Region.


With our experience and track record, we are confident that we can do great service tailored to your needs.

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